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Text Messaging

  • Txt2Call - patent pending service where a phone call is automatically made to the Responder and the Mobile Advisor or the systems Interactive Voice Response service to qualify leads, take a survey, etc.
  • Txt2Email Alerts where the cell phone number, and respective Keyword of the Responder is sent to your email address
  • Txt2Mobile Alerts where the cell phone number, and respective Keyword of the Responder is sent to your cell phone by text message
  • Txt2Chat where the Responder and a Mobile Advisor converse via text message, where the Mobile Advisor uses an internet based Instant Messaging type user interface like Skype, Yahoo or ICQ.
  • Handset2Broadcast where a Mobile Advisor can initiate a Broadcast Text Message to Subscribers, directly from their cell phone
  • Text4Brochure - Text RCINFO {Email address} and the system automatically sends a predetermined brochure to the email address
  • Text4Mail - Text RCMAIL {full name and mailing address} to capture full Subscriber information
  • Text4Data: Text RC {data} and the system automatically captures the data for use by the client


  • Text Message Broadcasting - immediate or scheduled in the future
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Coupons
  • Contests
  • Text2Screen for in venue Display Screen interaction
  • Emergency Alert System


  • 24 Hour Support
  • Application is Designed to Rapidly Establish and Deploy Client Specific Requirements
  • TXTLAB where Client's programs are fully tested prior to deployment into production
  • Leased Short Code or Short Code Management for Bring Your Own
  • Dedicated User Login(s)
  • Multi-messaging - Text, Email and Voice all in one system
  • Easy to Use Interface with Simple Instructions
  • Customized Reporting
  • Customized Subscriber Database Categorization


  • More than 4 years of continuously successful text messaging programs
  • Full Scope Reporting, including Message Sent, Message Delivery Confirmation from Carriers, Error Codes, etc.
  • Exportable Subscriber and Reporting data
  • Importable Subscriber data
  • Web Services API to automatically interact with third party systems, including the exchange of Subscriber data, Message initiation, etc.
  • Routine Database Replication between system and client database, as needed.


  • Keyword Optin - text BMW to 51684
  • Web Based optin - http://campusadv.com/notification/ and http://www.scarletknights.com/text/
  • Banner Ad optin


    Ringtones & Wallpapers

    Mobile Video and Podcasts - www.podcastgo.com - streaming audio and video - on your cell phone go to http://wap.podcastgo.com. Login with User Name: scott@adheadz.com, and Password: adheadz. Click on Most Recent, then select a video by clicking Watch. With our technology, podcastGO.com streams videos from Hachette and other publishers, directly to phones.

    Mobile Content Communities - http://www.phonetribe.com - User Name: Adheadz, Password: Adheadz

    Mobile WAP/Web Pages - http://usawaterpolo.mobi

    www.touch-shell.com: Touch Shell combines the swipable user interface of Touch-Commander, but adds the cutting edge 3D effects interface, giving users the most advanced and intuitive Windows Mobile user interface available on the market today. Very sleek and fashionable full-screen graphic 3D effects are available for many functions, including an animated clock and weather report, as well as fall-out effects when changing screens. Touch Shell provides users with an additional «Today» screen with access to their most often used phone functions like a Big Clock display, Text Messaging, Email, Phone Calls, Alarm, Lock and Appointments, as well as the ever important Battery Indicator display. Touch Shell also offers a Photo Contact List, which gives the user a speed dial function for quick Phone Calls or Text Messaged to their favorite contacts simply by clicking on the photo assigned to that contact. Touch Shell also offers a full function Audio Player with the ability to assign customizable album covers and picture displays of the artists themselves.

    www.touch-commander.com: Touch Commander offers the latest "Touch and Slide" user interface for controlling Windows Mobile devices, by recognizing and responding to the touch and sweep of a finger across the screen. With Touch Commander, you get "one touch and slide" access to device features, applications, phone calls, emails, SMS messages, calendar functions, pictures, music, videos and other commonly used content. Touch Commander is much the same as the finger touch scrolling, browsing, and spinning of a three dimensional interface by the finger, that is found on the Apple iPhone and the TouchPhone by HTC.

    www.create-ringtone.com/mobile/: Create-Ringtone is an application which lets Users create and save ringtones on their Winmo device.

    www.file-sender.com: File Sender lets you send a file to another mobile phone. A text message is sent to the other phone, with a link to download the file through the phone's Internet browser. You can send ANY file, for example - Ringtones, Wallpapers, Pictures, MP3 tracks, Videos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files, etc.

    www.send-contact.com: Send Contact lets you easily send Contact Information from your Address Book to another mobile phone. With Send Contact, the process to send contact information to another phone is very easy - no need to cut and paste information between two or more application, as Send Contact is a two step process that is fully integrated with your Address Book.

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