Voice Broadcasting Messaging

Higher Response Marketing inc. will help you send your voice message broadcast your desired audience. Reach as many as 6,000,000 prospects per day. Higher Response Marketing's own state of the art technology is available globally including domestic and international dialing. Our Voice Broadcasting platform can be accessed from anywhere just by going to our web page anytime any day. Higher Response Marketing's state of the art technology offers affordable voice broadcasting. We have the most reliable platform for your Excusive Voice Broadcasting campaigns. What does that mean to you? It means your exclusive voice message campaigns will travel down the most reliable network of copper line. Higher Response Marketing will never run campaigns using a VOIP. Let me tell you what VOIP means. VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. Why is this important? VOIP technology is a amazing however, using the internet to make calls (VOIP) can cause delay issues or even drop calls that may not be successfully transferred to your office.

Higher Response Marketing offers a wide selection billing options. We can bill by the minute in 6 second increments, or bill by the connect on your exclusive Real Time live transfer, Choose the way best suits you. Higher Response Marketing never charges for the following phone calls. No answers, disconnected or busy signals. So you only pay for the calls in which your voice broadcasting message was delivered to.

Higher Response Marketing never charges a set up fee or a monthly fee. With as little as a $350.00 as a deposit, you can have your Exclusive Voice Broadcasting Message Campaign up and running as little as 1 day . When working with Higher Response Marketing you are eliminating the middle man. Higher Response owns its dialers and has a staff of educated staff to help you with all aspects of your Excusive Voice Broadcasting message campaign. Being a dialing company and not a reseller, Higher Response Marketing can have the lowest cost for your voice broadcast message, the highest quality of service and state of the art technology. You will have a customer service assistant available to you at the time your Excusive Voice Broadcasting Message Campaigns are running. With our state of the art technology, you have a choice to run your own Excusive Voice Broadcasting Message Campaigns Message Campaign or have one of our experienced IT Staff members run it for you. Higher Response Marketing will handle the data upload, make sure the message is correct and start and stop your campaign at the scheduled time that you requested. Excusive Voice Broadcasting Message Campaigns Message Options:

Higher Response Marketing's state of the art platform allows you several delivery options.You can decide what delivery options will work best for your

Excusive Voice Broadcasting Message Campaigns message Campaign.

  • Live answer only - no transfer
  • Live answer only - with live transfer
  • Voicemail (answering machine) only
  • Live answer and voice mail (answering machine)
  • Live answer with live transferand voice mail (answering machine)
With our User Friendly Web Interface with Real Time Reporting, and Higher Response Marketing's State of the art platform you can do it all. Call from any phone to record your voice broadcasting message right from your phone. Upload your list directly into your account. Start and stop your campaign. View the number of contacts dialed, number of live answers, and number of voicemails and more all in real-time online.

DNC List Compliance:Higher Response will house your DNC list for you. Simply up load your list and the platform will scrub your phone lists against the do not call lists. Purchases of $500.00 or more receive 100 Bonus Minutes Free! (Limited Time Offer) when you set up a new account with a deposit of $500 or more. Higher Response marketing would like to give you a free competitive quote before you make a decision on a voice broadcasting solution for your company. For a quote completet

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